- Area of Expertise: Restructuring

Services include: Strategic realignment, optimization of core processes, cost management.

Crisis as opportunity – our concepts are targeted at a rapid and sustainable improvement in terms of increased sales and economic performance. A turnaround is only achievable if performance in sales and operations is as it should be.

Sustainable restructuring programs:

  • Conceptual and structural focus
  • Improved results
  • Liquidity assured through sales and operational measures
  • Implementation and action management

Interim management / CRO and core functions

Framework of analysis: Company, value chains, functional areas

Typical project outcomes:

Improvement programs with implementation planning, implementation and management (e.g. CRO) through to measurable success (shown in income statement, balance sheet, cash flow).

  • Measurable increase in performance
  • Results-oriented action management
  • Hands-on support with implementation