- Area of Expertise: Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is defined as the optimum interaction of operational structures, efficient processes, appropriate methods and tools and, above all, motivated staff.

Our operations practice includes:

Organizational optimization, including focus on:
  • Production (production footprint, factory development planning)
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Service
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
Process optimization, including focus on.
  • End-to-end and sub-processes
  • Harmonization of organization and processes
  • Clearly defined responsibilities (who/what/when)
  • Measurable performance parameters
Methods and tools
  • Matched to specific requirements
  • Results oriented
  • Acceptance
Motivated staff/organization
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Transparency of team results
  • Integrity and continuity of improvements and further development
  • Targeted coaching

Effective operational set-ups
  • Organizational concepts for operational functions
  • Operational concepts optimized for cost and profit (e.g. after-sales service)
Core and support processes
  • Improvement of process KPIs (e.g. lead times, turnover rates)
  • Creation of efficient core processes and reduction of process costs (material and resource costs)
Efficiency and cost management
  • Programs for lowering material, staff and equipment costs
  • Price and cost management for products / target costing
  • Procurement programs / supplier management

Typical project outcomes: A Comprehensive Efficiency Improvement Program with implementation plan and road-map

Operational set-ups
  • Service concepts
  • Revenue-optimized service offerings
  • Supply and production
Operational core processes
  • Improve KPIs (lead times, turnover rate)
  • Purge and eliminate inefficiencies
Efficiency and cost management
  • Reduce commitment to resources
  • Make cost structures more flexible
  • Sustainable cost reduction
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