- Area of Expertise: Due Diligence

Our objective in due diligence is to understand the sales and operational performance capability of a target company within a short time and evaluate synergies and the potential for improvement.

On completion of due diligence, you will not only have an analysis of the current situation but also the road-map of an action plan for increasing the value of your company.

Support with selection and decision-making about investment:

  • Analysis and preliminary selection of companies in defined industries
  • Strategic and operational due diligence
  • Recommendation and analysis of potential

Guaranteeing target performance during the holding period

  • Quick-Check and evaluation of potential
  • Programs to improve results
  • Liquidity programs (optimization of investments and working capital)

Preparation and support during the company sales phase

  • Early preparation of the company (checks of strategy/organization, performance improvement)
  • Help with creating and qualifying the diligence mapping in your core competence industries
  • Operational support during the sales process and commercial due diligence offerings for the seller

Framework of analysis: Company, value chains, functional areas

Typical project outcomes:

Evaluation of investments; Company-specific areas of activity; Value creation programs; and Implementation.