- Area of Expertise: Strategic and Structural Realignment in Sales and Operations

The aim of the “strategic and structural realignment” is to effectively breathe life into the corporate strategy we have developed with our clients. The success of this depends upon the development and implementation of an efficient operating model in which the organizational structure, business processes, information technology and human resources all work together seamlessly as a well-oiled machine.

Services include: Growth, restructuring and value creation

  • Quick-Check : mb+p’s rapid diagnosis of areas for improvement with initial lever for improvement
  • Repositioning based on the company’s strategic strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of strategic potential and implementation planning
  • Development and assessment of growth options (expanding product range, tapping new markets, diversification)
  • Focus on profitable core business, sell/give up fringe activities, outsource (sub-) functions
  • Strategic analysis of the company and its elements, e.g. considerations given to procurement, sales or mergers
  • Evaluation of group companies in relation to long-term profitability
  • Development of effective and efficient organizational structures
  • Efficient systems for managing sub-units controlled by the company
  • Production footprint
  • Optimization of end-to-end processes
  • Optimization of sub-processes
  • Creation an augmentation of supply chains
  • Coaching for technical and management personnel
  • Optimization of organization

Framework of analysis: holistic assessment of the company

Typical project outcomes: Realignment with measurable results

  • Corporate strategy
  • Organizational efficiency
  • Strategic profitability
  • Repositioning
  • Organization and processes
  • Support systems and IT
Measuring Results
  • Evaluation of success of implementation
  • Continuous Improvement