- Area of Expertise: Interim-Management

"Achieving results is our business." We do more than develop paper concepts: we put them into practice.

Our experienced technical and management personnel are more than capable of leading the efforts, getting into the driver’s seat as requested to assume responsibility as interim managers, ensuring accountability along the way.

The Principle: Specialists for unique assignments

  • Innovative corporate management tool
  • Time-limited deployment of an external manager
  • Outside expertise if the company’s own resources or know-how are overstretched
  • Not just for times of crisis – increasingly a tool also used by healthy companies

The Philosophy: A holistic approach

  • Highly efficient: With a large number of assignments already completed successfully, we can act swiftly and effectively on our clients’ behalf
  • Highly cost-effective: Due to our extremely qualified personnel and extensive expertise, our implementations can be delivered with maximum impact
  • Focus on performance: We provide truly measurable performance

Our core competency: Experience and industry knowledge

  • Industry knowledge and leveraging our expert network to align 100% for your project
  • Extensive pool of managers with inside knowledge of the industry
  • Proven technical and management personnel with extensive operational experience
  • High levels of social competence: Familiar with all aspects of management, integrate quickly and understand the characteristic features of your company

The benefits: Strength multipliers

  • Many times more effective than conventional solutions to add quantified value
  • Targeted technical know-how for as long as it takes for full execution – no extraneous effort will be billed.
  • Time-specific framework, limited costs
  • New impetus brought to existing structures and processes
  • Intrinsic high level of flexibility of implementation

Typical areas of application:

  • Managing special projects
  • Managing one-off situations and/or opportunities (CRO)
  • Managing areas and processes
  • Bridging vacancies
  • Incorporating external know-how required for success
  • Short-term provision of qualified resources

The interim managers at mb+p can deliver on:

  • Corporate management / CRO
  • Department management
  • Area management
  • Implementation / management of special tasks
  • Industries: Mechanical engineering, plant construction, automotive, renewable energy, IT and communications